It’s YouTM– My Custom Design Strategy

My most successful interiors are those that clients tell me they always look forward to coming home to – spaces that reflect their tastes and personalities perfectly while continually inspiring them with beauty and purpose. Over the years, I have created and refined It’s You™, a client needs discovery tool, to ensure that everyone I design for is totally in love with their finished interiors.

Here’s how it works: Each household member completes an in-depth survey about their personal tastes, preferences, specific needs, lifestyle, favorite colors, favorite patterns, and so much more. Your confidential responses will be referred to frequently during the interior design process. In the end, I will create completely gorgeous and functional spaces that are all about you and your family.

I’m really looking forward to talking with you about your project…call me at your convenience! My studio phone is 317.357.0155.

Yours in Beautiful Design,