Creating A Spa Bath Experience At Home

Many homeowners in today’s extremely busy and hectic world seek a place for complete unwinding and for deep relaxation. More and more people are spending precious down time in a day spa or a spa resort on vacation to experience total rejuvenation.

An investment in your personal bathroom at home can also be this place of solace and a chance to recharge on a daily basis. With experienced interior design, quality construction and the execution of attractive and durable materials, your own home spa bath can be accomplished.


Exceptionally luxurious spa bathroom design incorporates the upmost in materials. But a spa bath at home can leverage proven and simple design concepts to create luxury without high costs and cater to the occupants. Creating two vanities to a bathroom allows a couple to have their own personal area for grooming and daily preparation. Storage in bathroom vanities can feature a variety of adjustable shelves and drawers for ease of use and access to selected items. The addition of integrated electronic outlets and data ports in cabinetry and medicine cabinets is a premium solution to staying connected and charged. Vanity counter heights and lighting can be installed higher or lower, depending on the height of the occupant. A new trend in TV and movie watching is the incorporation of a TV in the vanity mirror that can be concealed at the touch of a button. Staying connected to the world and media continues to be vital – even in the bathroom – and can be done so in the respite of the home bath.


True relaxation and calm is also attainable through a personal showering and bathing experience. Today’s bathing experiences may involve sumptuous soaking tubs or whirlpool bathtubs that can feature an array of therapeutic additions such as light, heat or chroma therapy. Air bath tubs allow you to soak in essential oils and massaging bubbles and are more hygienic and cleanable than their jetted counterparts. Choosing a bath hardware package that incorporates a hand shower for hair-washing and bath cleaning is always a recommended upgrade. These spa-like selections bring the day spa home for everyday enjoyment.

Luxury-seeking homeowners who enjoy showers over baths can go even further and request a custom “performance showering experience” by selecting from a range of shower controls, showerheads, and body jets with spray options mounted on the walls and ceiling. An absolute premium shower will allow for steam showering or a sauna. TV, music and streaming internet entertainment can be integrated into your shower as well. New heated tile shower floors and heated tile seats are a very enjoyable upgrade in the shower, which can extend into the flooring of the bathroom and master closet or suite. The result from these upgrades is a highly personalized therapeutic experience and a relaxing break from the mental and physical stresses of the day.


Homeowners are living longer in their residences and have the desire and means to make their bathrooms a special spa-worthy space with products that add style, function, and longevity. Long term accessibility in your new spa bath can include walk in tubs, safety grab bars, bench seating, comfort-height toilets, wider clearances and curbless shower entries just to name a few. These subtle yet functional bathroom features keep you in your home longer and can look great too. Look to a skilled interior designer to assist with integration of stylish aging-in-place functions.

Material selection is important as well – for visual style and longevity – and a well-designed bath will implement wet-rated, durable products including tile, stone, quartz, and granite. Walls with tile endure moisture well and stone for countertops, window sills, and thresholds add beautiful design and are long-lasting. A classic frameless estate glass shower will eliminate the need to replace metals, silicones, and shower curtains. Lighting can extensively enhance a space. Well-appointed lighting in the entire bath and over a vanity should be placed to illuminate grooming zones, visual focal points such as art or a wall tile feature, and should be dimmable for a variety of mood settings. An addition of any or several of these little luxuries will make the bathing experience at home truly special and spa-worthy.

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