“Jeff Sheats Designs worked closely with me during the construction of my new custom home. Jeff and his team were invaluable throughout the process. They created detailed construction drawings for lighting and electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, and millwork including a stunning coffered great room ceiling. Furthermore, the team shepherded me through the appalling number of choices to be made whether it was upholstery, window treatments, flooring, bathroom tile, countertops, fixtures, or doorknobs. They actually found lighting (wall sconces, overhead fixtures, and table lamps) that I actually love, not just tolerate.

Jeff was also able to deal with my family “stuff”; I come from generations who happily acquired (and kept) furniture, art, oriental rugs, and multitude of accessories. Needless to say, most of these items needed attention – cleaning, reupholstering, refurbishing, or repairing. Each was sent off to the appropriate craftsman. The team was able to combine my old pieces with new furnishings that complement the old and fit in beautifully.

Even the move itself went smoothly, largely due to the capable movers and packers recommended by Jeff, and the fact that all the rooms were meticulously planned prior to the move. Sheats even handled having the art hung and items placed in the display cabinets.

Having a design group that “knows people” made everything simpler. And for me, having a designer comfortable with color (and lots of it) has made my new home very warm and welcoming.”

– Eleanor B.

“Jeff Sheats was referred to me by a previous client whom praised his design work and eye for detail. The entire process from end to end was completed with flawless execution. After meeting with Jeff and team, they prepared a design concept that took into account not only my lifestyle but my six-year-old son as well. I had purchased a home in a historic neighborhood requiring regulatory approval for any external modification. Jeff and team were amazing to work with handling all aspects of the renovation including the applications to the local Historical Preservation Commission as required for my historical home. He and his team are passionate and have an eye for perfection. I couldn’t be more delighted at the final result keeping the architectural elements of my 1885 Carpenter Gothic Revival cottage while modernizing the feel of the interior with beautiful design. I’m now living in my dream home knowing his transformation has made my home the envy of the neighborhood!”

– Kelly C.

“I bought a sizable home in a historic district of downtown Indy that was in need of a deep remodel and personalization. Jeff had been my licensed interior designer for many years at my previous home. He was given a limited amount of time to completely overhaul my new structure inside and out, including full architectural design issues of kitchen and master bath face lifts, three new baths, new laundry, lighting plans, garage tech, a whole house generator, decks, landscape, and the like. He translated furnishings from my existing house to this new home and added many new items I had researched plus new pieces he suggested.

A fantastic whole house automation system including security, entertainment, HVAC, window shade and lighting control was also designed; giving me great control of my home no matter where I might be. Jeff handled all aspects of the project: full design, purchasing, materials and contractor management, final clean up and move in. The end result is wildly beyond my expectations and allows me to truly relax and deeply enjoy my home. It’s simple to walk out the door into my private gardens and then out into a vibrant downtown setting. The spaces are a true reflection of my history and the lifestyle I asked Jeff to create. You simply must hire Jeff for your next interior design project!”

– Brian W.

“The team of Jeff Sheats Designs, Inc. has worked with me multiple times over the past 9 years. Working with them is fun and enjoyable. From the practical to the innovative, Jeff Sheats presents a sensitive and personal touch for interior design needs. No small detail is overlooked and yet there is always a comprehensive view of your project.

Jeff Sheats and team provided comprehensive interior design services for my condo located in a 90 year old building in downtown Indianapolis. Services included painting, updating, and restructuring of the electrical, selection of innovative lighting for bedroom and kitchen, selection and recover for living room and dining room chairs, original design of an étagère, and development of a coordinated scheme for art work and sculpture throughout the condo.

The creativity and attention to detail provided by Jeff and team were amazing. All details were checked and double checked with me to ensure accuracy. When uncertain regarding what I wanted I was given multiple options to explore choices. Response to questions and concerns was always timely. Comprehensive services ranged from the practical attention for light switches to the complexity of installing complex and unusual lighting. As an art lover I appreciated the resources for framing and display construction available in Indianapolis. Any client should consider themselves fortunate to utilize such talent for their interior design needs.”

– Madrean S.

“After living in our new home for almost two years, my husband and I realized that maximizing our home’s potential would require professional help. I visited Jeff Sheats Designs website; inspired by his fabulous portfolio, I immediately scheduled a consultation. Jeff made a visit and we discussed a vision and style for our public spaces and master retreat. Completing the in-depth “It’s You” survey helped focus our design direction and goals, and finally, the project was begun.

My first visit to his studio is one of my favorite memories of the entire project. On a dreary November day we met to review textiles, furniture, art, and accessories. Jeff had clearly completely understood our design aesthetic and goals. He had prepared an amazing presentation that made our personal style concrete.

Throughout the process, Jeff was very focused on reflecting our personal style. He coordinated and supervised painters and installers to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. From start to finish, Jeff exceeded our expectations – we absolutely love the result!”

– Karen F.

“Long story short: The word ‘amazing’ doesn’t even begin to describe the interior design job that they created for our house.

We had used Jeff Sheats and his team for a remodel of our 25 year old farmhouse back in early 2013, and after the stellar job they did we had no hesitation in calling him again to work on the new extension to our house. The main focus of the new extension was to replace our ancient closet-sized master bathroom with something spacious and beautiful, add some his-and-hers closets, and a large, quiet new master bedroom away from the noise of a busy 2 year old.

We knew Jeff had a good indication of our tastes from the previous project he had worked on, but we were still astonished when we turned up at the design brief to find that Jeff and his team had absolutely nailed our preferences. We arrived in his studio to a table full of drawings, fabrics, tile and paint samples, photographs and mock-ups of a design that really represented our tastes. Looking back – I don’t think we changed a single suggestion that the team made; everything worked perfectly for our tastes from paint colors to drapery to fixture choices. Everything.

Once work began, Jeff and his team were involved regularly to ensure the builders were sticking to the detailed construction plans and schedules for lighting, plumbing, and electrical placement and that the ground-up build was going to ensure the interior design plans were followed. Jeff made minor tweaks as the subcontractors worked for things you would not even consider unless you had experience of projects like this – adjusting a door swing or a switch a few inches one way so that once the design is finished everything just flows beautifully.

A critical point for us is that we’re expecting our second baby, and it was essential that we be moved back into the house long before number two is due to arrive. Jeff’s detailed project management ensured we were back in when we were supposed to be, and we always had clear expectations of when things were happening. It’s the attention to detail that sets him apart.

So – what were the results like?

Phenomenal. The bathroom Jeff and his team designed in our master bath suite is more luxurious than any upscale hotel or spa bathroom I’ve ever been in. It is like stepping into a sanctuary. The new master bedroom is exactly as I specified – pitch black at night and completely quiet. The new modular closets give us a huge amount of well-organized space. The changes to the rest of the house have completely transformed it: New herringbone floor tile in the mudroom, an amazing powder room, upgraded auxiliary baths and new drapery in the living room that really ties the rooms together. All the design elements from the moment you walk into the house bring a flow right through the entire space. “Delighted” is a complete understatement.”

– Dave and Caley C.

“We hired Jeff Sheats and his team to do a remodel of our new Indianapolis condo while we were based 500 miles away. We are very detailed and have worked with excellent designers previously. Bottom line: we love our new home and are very pleased with the services received. Why? Jeff is an outstanding designer. He and his team know how to listen to clients and their needs. He also has a great network of professional and knowledgeable contractors – a sometimes overlooked but essential component. His attention to lighting is amazing – and works to stage what follows. His response time to inquiries is excellent. High quality desired? Jeff Sheats Designs will produce.”

– John and Lynne W.

“We sold our house in less than 3 hours from posting the listing!!! I am confident that it was because of the professional design provided by Jeff Sheats Designs. The buyers even wanted to purchase our furniture to keep the design intact. We are so excited to work with you at our next house! You’ll be hearing from us very soon.”

Joanna M.

“Recently relocated after my divorce, I couldn’t wait to build my own custom town home. It was after that initial meeting that it was clear that I had no idea what I had signed up for and I was in fact drowning quickly knowing the second and “final” selection meeting with the builder was only 2 weeks away. It was at that point that I was thrown what would become my lifeline – Jeff Sheats Designs (JSD).

Referred by a trusted business associate, I contacted Jeff for a brief introductory phone conversation. Within minutes, unbeknownst to me at the time, Jeff had grasped the vision of what I truly wanted. Jeff put together a base design palette of materials and colors that began the transformation of my vision into reality: unique with a slight Asian contemporary style and a soft masculine feel.

After our first meeting I was totally confident that hiring JSD was my salvation and, in effect, I turned the entire project over to them. This included working directly with the builder to ensure that the envisioned design was achieved correctly and on schedule. I provided JSD with a specific budget to work within and I was provided with timely updates and anytime important deviations or issues with the builder arose. I had neither the time nor knowledge to manage the completion of the punch list and I knew that my fellow neighbors were struggling to get their punch items completed and were getting worn down. Again, I leveraged the talents at JSD for this task.

During this time, the JSD team was also putting together an extraordinary interior design plan which was presented to me at their studio. It was a stunning transformation that left me speechless. Needless to say, visitors to my home were extremely impressed with the unique design, materials, and flow from room to room; I felt pride of ownership.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that engaging JSD has been one of the best, if not THE best, decision I ever made. I have never questioned or doubted that decision and look forward to working with them in the future, regardless of my location.”

– Tim T.