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Designing Children’s Spaces

Designing spaces for children involves the same basic principles and processes as designing environments focused on adults. Careful forethought should always be given to the predominate activities that the room will need to accommodate. However there are added considerations for children’s spaces. Generational Taste While children are little versions of adults, their needs and likes […]

Treat Your Windows Right

If you are moving into a new home or have been in your home for many years, your window treatments say a lot about your decorating style. Operational long drapery panels are still an elegant choice for any room, but have been updated today down to a bare bones blind with a top treatment. There […]

Residential Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Light is simply “visual radiation”. It comes from energy or electromagnetic waves that stimulate the photoreceptors in our eyes. Once you understand human vision, designers apply this knowledge to help the human user of the space see effectively and comfortably. People must be able to see their tasks well in workspaces like a kitchen or […]

Wall Treatments Can Make a Big Impact in Your Rooms

Interesting wall treatments can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary room. This can be accomplished with a simple coat of paint, application of wallcoverings, decorative faux treatments, custom wall decals or murals. The possibilities are endless! A Brief History of Wall Treatments Since early humans first began to draw images and markings on cave […]

Wise Home Facelifts in an Uncertain Market

With the uncertain housing market, it is more important than ever to make wise choices when keeping your home maintained and up-to-date. If you were forced to move and list your house quickly, the current glut of unsold homes makes it even more competitive for sellers. Certain upgrades and restaging techniques can give you the […]

Install or Facelift a Fireplace to Add Value and Warmth

There’s no denying it – winter is almost upon us, and the fireplace is one of those must-have amenities for today’s homeowner. Not only does a fireplace provide warmth, it also serves as the focal point of a room, is a symbol of family togetherness, and adds value to your home. Karen Feeney-Parker of Parker […]

Rugs are Art for Your Floor

Beautiful area rugs for your floor, particularly handmade rugs, can be investment pieces that last a lifetime and have been known to be passed down through generations with pride and honor as revered heirlooms. Even machine made rugs can be a long-term purchase to carefully consider. In addition to complimenting the décor, area rugs add […]

Specifying Great Flooring For Your Home

There are several major concepts that professional interior designers consider when engineering a flooring system for clients. We examine the client’s use of each space, the relationship to the spaces around it, the floor direction, pattern, rhythm, balance, color, texture and sheen all provide a portal through which designers can determine what is appropriate for the […]

Decorating with Flat Panel Televisions

The typical American household has the television running an amazing seven hours per day. As a professional residential interior designer, I am always responsible for investigating my client’s lifestyle and viewing habits and determining prominence and the placement of the television in their interior environments. Not only does placement matter, but the installation of the […]

Specify Color Last, But Not Least

Of all of the design elements, color is the most vital and expressive. Without color, our sense of self, our homes, fashion, automobiles and internet would be a vast colorless void. It is for this reason professional interior designers are required to possess a thorough knowledge of color history, color theory, color schemes and applications […]