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Creating A Spa Bath Experience At Home

Many homeowners in today’s extremely busy and hectic world seek a place for complete unwinding and for deep relaxation. More and more people are spending precious down time in a day spa or a spa resort on vacation to experience total rejuvenation. An investment in your personal bathroom at home can also be this place […]

The Home Theatre for Every Household

In 2014, the NY Daily News reported the average American watches television an astonishing five hours per day. This is true unless you are over 65 – then you watch over seven hours per day. With the continual decrease in TV unit costs and increase in ways to access TV shows and movies, more Americans […]

Get the Most From Your Interior Design Experience

A skilled interior designer will do more than just make your home “look good”. By hiring a professional designer, your home will not only improve in looks but function better, sell easier and greatly enhance your overall living experience. The most common question facing homeowners when gearing up to take on that home renovation or […]